Charles Platt, Master Instructor & Owner



  • Go-Dan (5th blk) – San-Yoshi-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu – U.S.A. Pangai-noon Budo/Bugei Kai
  • Ni-Dan (2nd blk) – Received Ni-Dan Tomiki Aikido
  • Sho-Dan (1st blk) – Received Sho-Dan Toide Jutsu Pangai-noon Budo/Bugei Kai
  • Sho-Dan (1st blk) – Received Sho-Dan Aiki-JoDo

Biography of Sensei Charles Platt

Mr. Platt grew up in a small town called Versailles, OH. Versailles being so small there was not a Martial Arts school in the area so Charles concentrated on wrestling. Through lots of hard work he captured many first places in tournaments around the state. This turned out to be a great background for his future in martial arts. Charles has a B.A. in Bio Medical Engineering, a Masters in Education and is looking towards his PhD in education. He works at Wright State and has been involved with the Distance Education program from the beginning with 1 professor using the system to today’s numbering over 500 professors teaching online. He has obtained a Fifth degree black belt in San-Yoshi-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu the title Sensei and Master instructor, Nidan in Tomiki Aikido, Shodan in Toide Jutsu, Shodan in Aiki-jodo and mixes his knowledge of education and martial arts to teach Aiki classes. Charles is owner of Excel Martial Arts.

Melissa Platt, Sensei & Co-owner



Biography of Sensei Melissa Platt

Ni-Dan Shotokan Karate

Instructor for 10yrs

2 time National Champion (USA NKF, AAU)
5 time National Qualifier
2 time Bronze Medalist(USA NKF, AAU)
2 time Jr. Olympic Gold Medalist
4 time State Champion
2 time Regional Champion
Member of the Jr. Olympic team from 1984-1987
Trained under Sensei’s Bob Kramer, Don Madden and Traylon Smith