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Why you should come to Excel Martial Arts?

We feel the importance of teaching everyone, especially children , the value of focus, discipline, and most importantly self-confidence.

Our Dojo Kun (School Creed)

  • Manners – I will be humble, respectful and courteous above all.
  • Peace – I will observe the way of peace and harmony.
  • Drive – I will practice with all the drive I have and strive for more than I think I have.
  • Courage – I will have true courage in all facets of life.
  • Self Improvement – I will strive for individual achievement for the benefit of others.




Respect is one of the most important things we teach throughout our dojo. With manners, etiquette, and a humble spirit, a student can give the very best of themselves to others, bringing honor and respect to all aspects of their lives, and, leaving them a sense of strength and pride.


Teaching a student, especially our younger ones, how to focus is key to being successful in karate and in life. There is always something that distracts us from doing what needs to be done. Learning to focus will help bring discipline to a student’s martial arts training, giving them the tools to listen to what is being taught with greater clarity, and teaching the student how to grow and learn on their own.


With time, discipline, and experience a student’s confidence in him/her self will grow. We believe in giving students positive re-enforcement and encouragement as a way to build them up as they train. We show our students they can achieve anything they work for.


As a student’s confidence grows, the likeliness they will fall under peer pressure or do something they know they should not decreases. Knowing you do not need to fight someone to prove anything and walking away is one of the best displays of self-control.


Peace of mind, body and spirit gives a calmness to a student of the martial arts. Keeping the mind clear of troubles and jumbled thoughts helps the student to listen, learn and be aware of their surroundings.


Courage is having the strength to try despite one’s fears. Some people are afraid to talk in front of a group of people. Others are afraid of failure or making mistakes. What we try to teach our students is each mistake we make is part of the learning process. It is essential for our students to learn mistakes do not equal failure.

Helping Others

Our students will learn teamwork and the importance of working together. By allowing our students to take their turn as teacher, we encourage them to pass their knowledge onto others.